I was stressed out for awhile and right now I am wondering how long this thing I am doing is going to last to be totally honest. A friend of mine set it up for me, and to be honest it seemed like she wanted me to babysit her grandfather at the start. She made him hand over the keys to a really nice pick up truck, although he did a lot of cursing first and he seems to have spent the past seven decades refining his cursing. The first thing was air conditioning installation in New York City and it was pretty obvious that this old man knew exactly what he was doing. I did the parts of it that required manual strength and I tried real hard to learn from him, although obviously I would not go out and get myself electrocuted trying to prove that I knew what I was doing. In fact I am sure that some union guy would kick my butt if they caught me doing this sort of thing without a card.

We did some plumbing next and then we renovated a kitchen, and I mean it was really nice. He knew how to do the entire thing and when we got finished this place looked like the set for one of those cooking shows that you see on TV. When we got done he tried it out and made me something called zupa de pesci, which means fish soup he says. It was pretty good. I thought that the octopus tasted weird. Of course this lady came over and he told me to get lost. He tried to get the keys to the truck back, but I am really working for his family and they made it clear that I was not supposed to let him drive.