Categories of Regenerative Medicine See more about regenerative medicine in this article. Every day people are dying because of diseases that are affecting our society like diabetes, pneumonia, heart attack and other heart diseases, arthritis and most predominantly cancer. Am Regenerative medicine center is coming up with strategies and ways of improving healthcare so that people can be helped. Check out more information on regenerative medicine center. Cancer patients travel from one country to another to look for a cure and also medicine that can reduce the spread of the disease but most of them end up dying because the cine was not strong enough to break down the cells. See more details about the issues cancer patients face in life.

American medical centers are highly using technology to come up with new drugs and new ideas that can prevent the spread of diseases by coming together and reasoning with the information available for them. This link to give you more details on what the American medical centers have been able to do. This article will specifically look at the various types of Regenerative medicine. see more about regenerative medicine center .

The stem cell therapy is a kind of regenerative medicine that uses cells to repair the response of disease and also heal injured tissues. Disease that stem cell therapy can cure include diabetes and heart attack. Stem cells help to produce insulin which treats people with diabetes and with the production of heart muscle cells it repairs heart attack. See how insulin works for diabetic people.

The amniotic membrane which is found in the inner parts of the placenta in another type of regenerative medicine This link will give you more information about the placenta. The amniotic membrane as thin tissue is used as a dressing facility to promote the healing process and it is also used as a graft in surgery.
The platelet-rich plasma regenerative medicine uses injections of a concentration of a person platelets to cure and heal injured joints and muscles. The platelet-rich plasmas used to enhance a persons skin texture and tone and also to facilitate the removal of wrinkles. Get more information about the platelets on this page.
Tissue engineering is another type that uses a combination of cells to cure disease.T issue engineering uses a combination of scaffolds cells and biologically active muscled to cure diseases.

It is good to note that despite the types discussed above there are many more others that will be discovered as time goes by to help human being cure some diseases which may look untreatable as of now. get more information about medicine invention.

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